Muslims worldwide celebrate Eid al-Fitr, ending Ramadan with prayers and festivities. Yet, the joy is tinged with concern as the conflict in Gaza persists, prompting calls for solidarity and support

In Istanbul, worshippers gather at Hagia Sophia Mosque, chanting slogans for Gaza's peace. Amidst prayers, voices rise for humanitarian aid and an end to the violence.

In Nairobi's Rahma Mosque, prayers are coupled with pleas for justice in Gaza. Imam Abdulrahman Musa's words echo the global sentiment: Palestinians deserve peace and support.

Indonesia unites in prayer, emphasizing humanity over religious divides. Jimly Asshiddiqie's message resonates: Gaza's plight demands collective action for peace.

Pakistan ensures a secure Eid with a massive deployment of forces. Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim's call for unity underscores the nation's commitment to inclusivity.

From Sarajevo to Beijing, Muslims gather for Eid prayers, reflecting global unity. Despite diverse cultures, the spirit of peace prevails.

Eid brings moments of joy and reflection worldwide. Communities from Cairo to Kuala Lumpur unite, celebrating the end of Ramadan with prayers and festivities.

Post-prayer protests in Istanbul demand justice for Gaza. Outside Hagia Sophia Mosque, voices unite, calling for peace and humanitarian aid.

In Addis Ababa, Eid is marked with prayers and solemn reflection. Ethiopians stand in solidarity with Gaza, emphasizing the need for global support

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From Bucharest to Srinagar, Eid traditions foster cultural harmony. Despite differences, the spirit of Eid transcends borders, promoting unity and goodwill